• Michelle Ahern Bevans

COVID-culture shock, how will you survive?

Remote, isolated, pandemic and unprecedented were not words that were part of everyday vocabulary a month ago. And now here we are. 

But ‘self-isolation’ does not mean social-isolation. And ‘social distance’ is not disconnected.

As work places shift into survival mode during the global pandemic of COVID-19, gears are already grinding as some businesses stretch to see over the blurry horizon at what may lay head. How will we survive? And then, how will we thrive? Or more importantly, who or what will our business even be, post-pandemic.

As an Australian-based not-for-profit that relies on deploying Australian professionals on assignments throughout Australia and Asia Pacific, it’s clear to see how our business will struggle to exist in its current format in the coming months. Re-think, re-invent, re-build will all be core to our strategy as we move through 2020.

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